Sangs & Clatter Night

22 February 2013

The Sangs & Clatter night was very enjoyable with songs and recitations from members young and not so young and guests from Alloway Scouts and Boys Brigade and visitors from other Clubs including ‘Irvine Lasses’, ‘Largs Cronies’ and ‘Barrmill Jolly Beggars’.

Anniversary Dinner

26 January 2013

Held at Brig O’ Doon Hotel, Alloway.

The Immortal memory was delivered eloquently by Mr. Gordon Middleton, young (and talented) Cameron Kerr ‘addressed The Haggis’, The Toast to the Lasses was given by Rev. David Watson and the reply by Alison Craig.

Two Burns poems were recited by the excellent Stuart McKinlay and musical interludes performed by the unrivalled ‘Luath’.