Alloway Burns Club Title

Young Jockie Was The Blythest Lad

Young Jockie was the blythest lad
In a' our town or here awa;
Fu' blythe he whistled at the gaud,
Fu' lightly danc'd he in the ha'.
He roos'd my een sae bonie blue,
He roos'd my waist sae genty sma;
An ay my heart came to my mou,
When ne'er a body heard or saw.

My Jockie toils upon the plain
Thro' wind and weet, thro' frost and snaw;
And o'er the lee I leuk fu' fain
When Jockie's owsen homeward ca'.
An ay the night comes round again
When in his arms he taks me a';
An ay he vows he'll be my ain
As lang's he has a breath to draw.