Alloway Burns Club Title

Ye Hae Lien Wrang, Lassie

Your rosy cheeks are turn'd sae wan
Ye're greener than the grass, lassie,
Your coatie's shorter by a span,
Yet deil an inch the less, lassie.

Ye hae lien wrang, lassie,
Ye've lien a' wrang,
Ye've lien in some unco bed,
And wi' some unco man.

Ye've loot the pounie o'er the dyke,
And he's been in the corn, lassie;
For ay the brose ye sup at e'en,
Ye bock them or the morn, lassie.

Fu' lightly lap ye o'er the knowe,
And thro' the wood ye sang, lassie;
But herryin' o' the foggie byke,
I fear y've got a stang, lassie.