Alloway Burns Club Title

The Tarbolton Lasses

If ye gae up to yon hill-tap,
Ye'll there see bonie Peggy:
She kens her father is a laird,
And she forsooth's a leddy.

There's Sophy tight, a lassie bright,
Besides a handsome fortune:
Wha canna win her in a night
Has little art in courtin.

Gae down by Faile, and taste the ale,
And tak a look o' Mysie;
She's dour and din, a deil within,
But aiblins she may please ye.

If she be shy, her sister try,
Ye'll may be fancy Jenny:
If ye'll dispense wi' want o' sense
She kens hersel she's bonnie.

As ye gae up by yon hillside,
Spier in for bonnie Bessy:
She'll gie ye a beck, and bid ye light,
And handsomely address ye.

There's few sae bonny, nane sae guid,
In a' King George' dominion;
If ye should doubt the truth o' this
It's Bessy's ain opinion.