Alloway Burns Club Title

The Jolly Beggars - Sir Wisdom's A Fool When He's Fou

Sir Wisdom's a fool when he's fou;
Sir Knave is a fool in a Session;
He's there but a 'prentice, I trow,
But I am a fool by profession.

My grannie she bought me a beuk,
An' I held awa to the school;
I fear I my talent misteuk,
But what will ye hae of a fool?

For drink I would venture my neck;
A hizzie's the half of my Craft;
But what could ye other expect
Of ane that's avowedly daft?

I, ance, was tied up like a stirk,
For civilly swearing and quaffing;
I, ance, was abus'd i' the kirk,
For towsing a lass i' my daffin.

Poor Andrew that tumbles for sport,
Let nae body name wi' a jeer;
There's even, I'm tauld, i' the Court
A Tumbler ca'd the Premier.

Observ'd ye yon reverend lad
Mak faces to tickle the Mob;
He rails at our mountebank squad,
It's rivalship just i' the job.

And now my conclusion I'll tell,
For faith I'm confoundedly dry;
The chiel that's a fool for himsel,
Guid Lord! he's far dafter than I.