Alloway Burns Club Title

The Bonie Lad That's Far Awa

O how can I be blythe and glad,
Or how can I gang brisk and braw,
When the bonnie lad that I loe best,
Is o'er the hills and far awa.

[It's no the frosty winter wind,
It's no the driving drift and snaw,
But ay the tear comes in my e'e,
To think on him that's far awa.]

My father pat me frae his door,
My friends they hae disown'd me a';
But there is ane will take my part,
The bonie lad that's far awa.

A pair o' gloves he bought to me,
And silken snoods he gae me twa,
And I will wear them for his sake,
The bonie lad that's far awa.

O weary winter soon will pass,
And spring will cleed the birken shaw:
And my young babie will be born,
And he'll be hame that's far awa.