Alloway Burns Club Title

On Jessy Lewars

Talk not to me of savages
From Afric's burning sun,
No savage e'er can rend my heart
As, Jessy, thou hast done.

But Jessy's lovely hand in mine,
A mutual faith to plight,
Not even to view the heavenly choir
Would be so blest a sight.

Fill me with the rosy wine,
Call a toast - a toast divine;
Give the poet's darling flame,
Lovely Jessy be the name;
Then thou mayest freely boast,
Thou hast given a peerless toast.

Say, sages, what's the charm on earth
Can turn death's dart aside?
It is not purity and worth,
Else Jessy had not died.

But rarely seen since nature's birth,
The natives of the sky;
Yet still one seraph's left on earth,
For Jessy did not die.