Alloway Burns Club Title

Farewell Thou Stream

Farewell, thou stream that winding flows
Around Eliza's dwelling;
O mem'ry, spare the cruel thoes
Within my bosom swelling:
Condemn'd to drag a hopeless chain,
And yet in secret languish;
To feel a fire in every vein,
Nor dare disclose my anguish.

Love's veriest wretch, unseen, unknown
I fain my griefs would cover;
The bursting sigh, th' unweeting groan,
Betray the hapless lover:
I know thou doom'st me to despair,
Nor wilt, nor canst relieve me;
But, Oh Eliza, hear one prayer,
For pity's sake forgive me!

The music of thy voice I heard,
Nor wist while it enslav'd me;
I saw thine eyes, yet nothing fear'd,
Till fears no more had sav'd me:
Th' unwary sailor thus, aghast,
The wheeling torrent viewing,
Mid circling horrors sinks at last,
In overwhelming ruin.