Alloway Burns Club Title

As I Cam Down By Yon Castle Wa'

As I cam down by yon castle wa',
And in by yon garden green,
O there I spied a bony bony lass,
But the flower-borders were us between.

A bony bony lassie she was,
As ever mine eyes did see:
O five hundred pounds would I give,
For to have such a pretty bride as thee.

To have such a pretty bride as me,
Young man ye are sairly mista'en;
Tho' ye were king o' fair Scotland,
I wad disdain to be you queen.

Talk not so very high, bony lass,
O talk not so very, very high:
The man at the fair that wad sell,
He maun learn at the man that wad buy.

I trust to climb a far higher tree,
And herry a far richer nest:
Tak this advice o' me, bony lass,
Humility wad set thee best.